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Services Although our main focus currently is in the asparagus industry, there is no reason our technology can not be applied to other areas of business.

We can offer in-house demostrations for you also.

If you are struggling with inefficiency, inaccuracy or high labour costs, please feel free to send us a message outlining your situation and requirements, we'll see if we can help!

We are a small family-run business who enjoy finding unique tailor-made solutions for our customers. 

Our head office is based in Hamilton, New Zealand. We manufacture all of our parts locally, however, most of our work is exported to Europe, the United States and Australia.

Team We have a fantastic team of talented engineers who help build our machines, and who are also available to travel anywhere in the world to help with set-up, assembly, staff training and ongoing support.

At present, our forte is building asparagus grading machinery, and supplying spare parts and/or upgrades to these machines around the world. But we are open to any other ideas you may have.

New Zealand owned and operated.


Supporting the local economy.

Paul Daynes | Company Director

Hi, I'm Paul. I have a long-standing career in computers and electronics. I have been writing custom software for clients since computers were invented. This coupled with a backround in custom machinery & engineering, means I am able to offer unique solutions to our customers, domestically and internationally. .


Washington State University conducted field research on our machinery. They collected their field data as part of an AgriBusiness Management study, under their School of Economic Sciences.


If you want to learn more about advanced processing techniques and our electronic grading solution, then please click on the button below to see their published findings on the WSU website.


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